Shake your design with new shaker kitchen cabinets

The kitchen is one of the most visited rooms in the house. People come here for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks or just to talk to the rest of the family. Even the guests are welcome here. Therefore care must be taken in the design of your kitchen. Cooking can come in different styles, such as ancient cooking, Asian, contemporary, European, French or Italian. Today, the style of cuisine is popular Shaker design.

The overall design, Shaker

* The mixer design is very similar to the Arts & Crafts and Craftsman styles. Unlike them, this style is not so much ornamentation. Stirrer design came almost 50 years before these two. He arrived around 1820 among U.S. religious groups. The emphasis was on simplicity.
* The marks of this design are flat-paneled doors, the contraction of the messages also feel strong conical and utilitarian.
* Many people use the kitchen to get even for modern kitchens with minimal decoration or missing lines and clean. By using steel and glass and new colors of the traditional kitchen shaker would look very contemporary.

How shaker kitchen look like?

* The kitchen is very simple in his eyes. The cabinets are mostly straight or slightly curved lines. The proportions of the cabinets are very moderate.
* The Shaker kitchen doors frames flat square floor panels.
* The material used is generally the American wood such as ash, cherry, maple, poplar or birch painted.
* Choosing the right table is also important decision. Granite is used very often. To find the date on which period you can also use the soapstone. This stone has a good thermal resistance. The fall of this choice is the soft surface that may be chipped and scratched after a while. Moreover, this problem can be easily repaired.

Shaker style kitchen is one of the many styles that give the favorite room of the house. Can be used for traditional printing, but also for modern simplicity. Hoffner to buy some accessories like towels or pots elegant details and bowls. But more importantly, they provide warmth and love of cooking is the new family to come here every day a little food. This gives the kitchen of the soul? People who use it every day.