Your simple choice: Shaker style kitchen

There is no doubt that the kitchen is the heart of every home. People focus in your kitchen, both functionality and attractiveness. One of the easiest ways to make your kitchen is attractive is that it is clean and simple with a kitchen cabinet shaker.
Shaker style comes from the American colony. His initial plan was to be simple, efficient and independent, with good functionality. With emphasis on quality and cleanliness and neatness, cabinet kitchen shaker is still very popular in modern times.
The reason shaker kitchen cabinets can get the functionality and efficiency is available to the company. Well-organized design facilitates trafficking of the kitchen and offers the so-called "work triangle". The edges of the kitchen sink, the stove in the refrigerator and back to the pool. Using this type of kitchen cabinet, wall spaces are well used and create a central island to improve the work efficiency of the kitchen.
Another feature of the kitchen cabinet shaker is storage. The case is designed with the order and good features, and storage space is full and organized for the award of all. If you take a look accurate, there is the cabinet is constructed with elements of many practices, such as plate racks, drawers for knives and spices, sliding shelves for small appliances and Lazy Susan to put pots and pans. To use all available vertical space and cupboards to avoid disappointment, large extend above the roof of the kitchen.
In addition, the Shaker Kitchen Cabinet is a strong emphasis on superior craftsmanship. Because the dovetail cabinet has strong inside corners, a Shaker kitchen furniture can look and act like new after many years. Common materials for the company are cherry and maple Shaker style, it's because people use native hardwoods past to build their own cabinets.ListenRead phonetically